High Speed Rail Issues


Altamont vs. Pacheco, and how routing affects success of the high-speed rail proposal. The devils ARE in the details.

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Regional Trips Key to Energy & Greenhouse Gas Savings:

In this 2002 article, we proposed a high-speed bypass route and hybrid operation on the existing San Joaquin route so Central Valley cities could be spared the eardrum-shattering 220 mph service that the HSRA now admits will run on elevated tracks dividing cities.

Emulating European High-speed Route Structure:

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By October 2002, HSR Project Clearly Had Been Hijacked:

All problems visible in the current plan can be traced back to unwise decisions made in 2001 and 2002, as this late 2002 CRN article documents.

7/8/08 FEIR/S Comment to HSRA
FEIR/S Lawsuit
8/8/08 Lawsuit Press Release

Here are links to the filings made

by CRF and its environmental allies

on the inadequacy of the FEIR/S.

Bay-Central Valley FEIR/S

Tony Waller explains why the existing high-speed rail plan is a non-starter and tells what is needed for a success.

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A Rail Professional Speaks Out on the HSRA Plan

European High Speed Rail Doesn’t Invade Neighborhoods

California’s High-speed Rail Authority has really devised something unique, a revival of Division of Highways plans to destroy cities statewide. The innovation is using 220 mph elevated trains in place of the elevated freeways of the 60’s and 70’s.

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Gamed Traffic Data  Endangers High-Speed Rail Project



Faster Way to the Bay

European HSR Experts Say Altamont Has Advantages

Setec Study of Altamont and Hwy 101HSR_files/Altamont%20Report%20Ex%20C%20LoRes_1.pdf
Setec Drawing of new Altamont RouteHSR_files/setecaltamontsm.pdf
California Rail News articleHSR_files/altamontarticle.pdf

Final Proof that the California Project is an Engineering Scam

The Authority unveils its first segment and it is entirely without benefits to California rail transportation, but has $3 billion of needless viaducts through Congressman Jim Costa’s Fresno-area district.

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James Mills and Richard Tolmach point out the advantages of an 80-mile project that would improve rail service statewide.

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A Rocket Scientist’s Critique of the HSRA Desert Route

Clem Tillier investigates the shorter alternative via Tejon and finds the Authority neglected a routing which is about $5 billion cheaper.

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Clem’s enlightening post on the cahsr blog is here:


SNCF closed 2013 with a net loss of 180 million euros, and reduced the book value of its high speed rail business by 1.4 billion euros. TGV service is “not sufficiently profitable to cover the carrying amount of its fleet and its renewal.”

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High-Speed Network No Longer Profitable, French Announce

Europe’s Rail Mobility Declining as HSR Networks Grow

As international express trains are eradicated, Europe’s rail network has stopped providing the easy mobility we experienced in the past.

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